Is sleeping a waste of time?

I don’t like weekends. I am always torn between keeping my homestead clean and trying to relax after workweek. Today I’ve been woken up by my cat at around 6 AM. Henryk, the cat, decided that he doesn’t care if today I had a day off and started to have fun on my bed. Somehow I was able to fall asleep again and have four additional hours of sleep. You may say that I am lucky and should be thankful that I can have so much sleep on the weekend, but apparently, I’m not. I have this feeling that I waste my time on sleep, that there is so much I need to do: cleaning, shopping, partitur to practice, and there still I have to have time for physical activity.

It was cold outside today and my Fitbit every hour reminded me that I should take at least 250+ steps. But it’s cold! I forced myself to go out and take the one-hour walk and by the way to check what I can find on the other side of the rails and station Wrocław Sołtysowice.

There is nothing there, just ruined sidewalks, fields across the street and this block of buildings in which one of the flats were offered to me when I was looking for a flat to buy. It’s a middle of nowhere. It was a quite refreshing walk, and I hit additional 7500 steps.

At the end of the day, I haven’t reached 10000 steps, but I have sightseen neighbourhood, done the laundry, cleaned cat’s ears and started a new season of „Gilmore Girls”.

Why am I writing in English? Because I purchased year subscription of Grammarly (with 40% discount) and I want to use it not only for work.



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